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Beautiful and Wild

Weep not for the willow that will fall,
it, and many before, cannot last forever.
Like the many kings both great and small,
it will be dethroned by its own endeavor.
So do not waste your life in your sorrow,
the great willow’s crown must burn.
for not even a moment after tomorrow,
another will soon get its own turn.


How do faerie courts even work? There is Seelie and unseelie, and also the seasons, but are the seasons split up under the Seelie or unseelie? Or are they different all together?????????????????

When I get off work I’ll help you out~

  • Me: *inside of car*
  • Me: *sees spider crawling on the car door... Not sure if in car or outside*
  • Me: *pokes at it and hits the glass of the window*
  • Me: I took a risk
  • Whenever I am crying, it seems the fairy woman is always around. I don’t always see her or hear her, but I feel her there.

    Shocker: There Is No Universal Threefold Law in Wicca
    Shocker: There Is No Universal Threefold Law in Wicca


    Read it. Read it several times. Commit it to memory and never quote the Three Fold Law at anyone ever again. 


    weird dream ritual I had

    above is the layout of the ritual. The center consisted of a round blanket with a crystal grid on it (later we removed that and placed a black cauldron). The squares are the chairs and the arrows showing what direction they were facing. We placed two statues on both sides of the layout. In the dream, they looked like Buddhist statues, but then they looked like something else???


    ANYWAYS, the ritual consisted of me and two other people (a friend of mine, and someone I didn’t recognize). We sat in the chairs and held our right hands out towards the center of the circle above the crystal grid.

    I have no idea what they hell we were doing :<

    Weird witchcraft dream filled with rituals

    to my lovely Celtic friends and followers

    Read in one of my history texty books that Dana and Brigid are believed to be the same being??? Thoughts on that?? Sources? Information??


    moon-drenched-shores said:

    The Blue Fairy. How menacing.




    Happy Holidays~

    Hope everyone enjoys their day today! :D Have a fun Autumn Equinox 


heres my altar for mabon ε-(´∀`; )&#160;!!!!


    heres my altar for mabon ε-(´∀`; ) !!!!