1. Be the star you were meant to be, and if anyone tries to ruin your dreams destroy them in the fire of your thermalnuclear body.

  2. What? No. You can dress up as any mythological creature you want to. I know I’m going to rock the hag witch look

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  4. One of my roommates put this on me

    One of my roommates put this on me

  5. It is important to note that I do not practice Wicca, but here are some helpful links to get you started for stuff

    more links

  6. there are many many different ways to see a fairy lots. That is one of them I suppose?

  7. Meh, it’s OK? I have it and have only really read through a few of its pages. She used the term fairy in a very broad term, including various beings that many don’t really consider fairies. Her accuracy is a bit hit and miss. A few of her bits of information had no real explanation or source for further research.
    Also she censors fairies down a little bit.

    My overall impression? If you can get it for like $10 or less then sure, but anymore than that and it’s not really worth it

  8. scorpysue:

    Either from folklore or UPG?

    I can’t find anything on Google and I don’t have access to my encyclopedias since I’m at my parents.

    To list a few =) Bone maidens, banshee, black dogs, various goblins, etc. A lot of fairies are associated with death and the after life. If you saw a certain animal at a grave yard many believed it could be a fairy in disguise
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  9. The neighborhood kids are creepy. They were chanting “liar” outside of my apartment


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