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The tall princesses in the willow tree
They move their lazy, lovely heads about,
They wave their arms, their hair goes stream-ing out,
Their rustling dresses shimmer like the sea.
But presently they cease to sway and swing
And stand quite still, and whisper gentle words,

Quietly calling to the little birds
To perch upon their pretty hands and sing...
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Laverne Cox, when I voted, had over 90% yes

and she is not shown

*angry face*

I am not pleased *glares at Time Magazine website*

How would I invoke a being to help me with a appearance spell, I'm not sure how I would request that. I have an audition which requires pictures so I wanna look good!

now, it depends on what entities and beings you’re going to call, if you know them well, or if this is going to be your first time. I wouldn’t suggest trying to do this with deities (and planning on going no further with them). 

You might want to try muses, minor deities (like the nymphai), faeries, human spirits, daemons (I think???), there may be certain demons that work with beauty (demons are easier to work with on a “lets get this done” sort of agenda).

I would suggest Glamour might be really helpful! 

You can also use archetypes or representations of appearance and beauty as well 

I am about to cut ties with a VERY toxic person. Is there any sort of spell that will help prevent our paths from crossing again? Simply avoiding each other is a lot easier said than done in this case, as we have mutual friends and are part of some of the same communities.

Make a poppet after this person, then you will go as far as you can from your house and nail the poppet to a tree (dead one preferably) 

You will need about five nails. You will nail its hands, feet, and forehead to the tree (make sure it faces towards the tree)


to anyone who has any respect for Abrahamic religions:

do not go read the utter filth on Jaleesa’s page right now. I’ll sum it up for you. she “channels” the Abrahamic God and basically plays him like a fifties advertising CEO, all about how pathetic He is that he’s controlling the masses and how he just can’t seem to get that fiesty ol’ Jaleesa!

I’d reblog, but I’m gonna be honest, I don’t want that bullshit anywhere near this blog. look at your own risk: it’s hugely anti-Abrahamic.


Question for fellow witches:


What online or regular store that sells legit crystals would you recommend? I’m always wary of them being fake.

this shop I think you’ll enjoy!

Ive never seen a fairie. I just see a shadow man

how do you know its not a fairy?

Do people ever take pictures with their fae or god spouses???

I’m not sure! :O

though I know fairies and electronics don’t always mix…very well

My mom made these tiny pancake things yesterday and they just up and disappeared. No one ate them or moved them and we can't find them any where. I heard that a lot of faeries like sweet things and they were suppose to be quite sweet. Is it possible that a fairy stole them?

it is possible. Faeries, especially those that exist in this realm, do physically take things. 

Fairy - The Legend Of Zelda