1. one more week till I start work

  2. people trying to buy stuff keep getting this error "All payment methods for this shop are temporarily unavailable." 

    there is no reason that should occur 

  3. yup~ they certainly do! They are just really distracting :’D 

    they are some of my best friends

  4. not quite yet! :D getting started on them soon. The roomies just went to bed

  5. Wild Garden Flower Crown- $30

  6. lucklessdarling:

    Waterloo by ABBA

    Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war

    Oh yeah, and now it seems my only chance is giving up the fight

    And how could I ever refuse

    I feel like I win when I lose

    oh well….

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  7. Spring Time Flower Crown- $25

  8. Simple Three Lily Crown- $15

  9. charlottesarahscrivener:

    Would you be keen on forming a private Facebook group where we could talk about our experiences/encourage each other/work on small challenges in order to have a bit of companionship on the journey?


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  10. ohgosh a baby picture
Guess which one I am?

    ohgosh a baby picture

    Guess which one I am?


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