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  1. Painted Rock Charms

    There are all these uses for crystals, stones, and gems, but what can one do with plain rocks? Why, you can paint them of course! These painted rocks are some of my favorite cottage witchcraft charms!

    Paint and smooth rocks are all you need.


    1. Once you’ve gotten paint, go outside and gather some smooth stones (lake, river, or creek rocks work great)
    2. After you’ve gathered them, you will think of some designs that represent what you want the stones to do. (Above photos: Lady bugs for luck, eye for truth/divinations, colorful leaves and wind for positive change)
    3. As you paint the designs onto the stones, you should chant their purpose aloud. EX: I am painting a dragon onto a stone for protection “Fire’s light, fire’s might, dragon’s sight, dragon’s fight.”
    4. Once the stone is all painted, you should leave it to dry (you can make a magic/sigil circle to place it on for extra charging)
    5. When its dry, you will hold the stone in your hand and charge it with your energy.
    6. And finally, you will place the stone somewhere in/around your home for use

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