sorry if this sounds stupid or if youve been asked this before, but how does one use a chalkboard as a witchy tool? i understand ouija boards, but chalkboards not so much. |

    Why I love chalkboards so much (a video)

    A few key points

    • Don’t have a ouija board? YA DO NOW
    • Don’t have a pendulum board? YA DO NOW
    • Need a place to design sigils, but don’t want to waste paper?CHALKBOARD
    • Need something to place your crystal grids on, but don’t want to use paper? 
    • Need a place to put your Magic Circles
    • Need to make a quick ward? CHALKBOARD

    Seriously, chalkboards are amazing. They don’t draw attention to themselves, you can make awesome signs with them, and they’re just so darn cute.

    I use a lot of magic/sigil circles and a lot of crystal grids. I find that using a chalkboard is more fun, easier, and convenient to use then paper.

    There’s something magical about writing with chalk 

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